OwO What's this? is a quick way to share screenshots and files. It is completely free and no registration is required. After connecting it to ShareX, all screenshots you take will automatically be uploaded to our server and will be publicly available. The screenshots can be shared via a link. If you would rather upload files directly, you can do so here!

How do I set ShareX up?
Click the "ShareX" button in the header.

Can I donate?
Yes, via Patreon!

How can I help out?
You can help out by sharing our service with your friends/family, on social media etc!

Instead of a link I get "Request method is not HTTP POST or no POST data was received.". What do I do?
It is possible the file you are trying to upload is too large. If the problem persists, please contact us via Discord!

What filetypes are supported?
Currently only .jpeg, .jpg, .png and .gif fileformats are supported. Our direct uploader supports more filetypes!

Is there a maximum filesize?
Yes and no, the maximum filesize is 10GB to prevent abuse, however, the filetypes allowed usually don't have such large files.

Do files expire?
No, files will never expire.

Is NSFW allowed?
Yes, however, child-pornography, lolicon or anything that breaks any Dutch or US law is prohibited as stated in our Terms of Service.

I screenshotted sensitive information! Can this please be deleted?!
If you want a file to be deleted please e-mail the link to said file with a delete reason to, or contact Xxmarijnw via the Discord.

Can I also upload files without ShareX?
Yes you can! It even supports more filetypes! For our direct uploader click here.